Welcome to BMR-Pallets. Here, we build brand new, high-quality wooden pallets & packing (crates & boxes), guided by the needs of our customers. We have an expert team to design your pallets or crates to your specifications, providing you with perfect solutions for your business’ delivery needs. With our large capacity of production, our manufacturing process can accommodate from one-off orders to regular high volume requirements.

BMR-Pallets is focused on continually improving its ability to produce pallets at the best possible cost and strives to be the best at meeting customer’s expectations, making us the high-value pallet provider customers call first when looking for pallets solutions.

With 3 plants locations strategically placed throughout Java Island :

  • Karawang Plant – West Java
  • Boyolali – Central Java
  • Gresik – East Java

We ensure that your pallets will be delivered on time wherever you are.

“Your Strategic Partner for Pallet Solution”

Years of experience

BMR has established itself since 2009 as the most reliable and dedicated national wooden pallets manufacturer with years of experience delivering quality products to any kind of corporation.

Modern Manufacturing Process


Using storage, processing and manufacturing facilities with the latest technology to ensure our products are in the best condition and meet international standards such as ISPM#15

Trust & Excellent


Service is the main way to raise the brand of our business, so we have consistently grown and expanded to achieve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Reasons To Use BMR Products

Reasons To Use BMR Products



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